Mere Chance?

Hey, do you have a moment? It’s just that I’ve been thinking, do you really think that any of this could just be a coincidence; that the two of us somehow ended up coming together here? I know what you’re thinking, these so called “chance encounters” happen everybody around the world all the time. But the two of us, each of us is 1 in 7 billion and you know that each person is unique. Any two meeting will never be quite the same as the one we had. The fact that we even are here and together. Without including the astronomically low chances that life at all develops in the universe, or the chance that life develops in a way that humans as we know them come into existence…

I hate to use such a crude example, but it is one of the best ones I can think of. Every time a man, well, “finishes,” he releases about 250 trillion sperm cells. The chance that you were the one that made it into the egg is 1 in 250 trillion. That is a less than 1% of a 1% of a 1% of a 1% chance. That is not even taking into account the egg cells. I know that you’re thinking it is not that big a deal that it was that specific one made it, but just think if your DNA was just a little bit different, you would not be the you that you are now. It could hardly even be said that you “are” really, just think of how different brothers and sisters can be just because they came from different eggs and sperm cells.

The chance that you came out as you and I came out as me is 1 in 31.25 quadrillion, you might as well flip coin 50 times and have it show up as heads every time, if I saw that happen, I don’t know about you, but I would not call that chance. I’d call that fate. Seems destiny brought the two of us together, are we really going to ignore its call?


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