Date With Death

Date With Death

Perhaps it could be said to have
been a bit of a morbid curiosity
that drove me to desire he
come and give a sort of visit.
So tall dark and mysterious,
I wonder how any can resist.

Slowly I drifted towards him,
perhaps it is that I allowed
him to drift towards me.
Through blurred and darkened vision
I saw more clearly his pale visage.
He smiled as he greeted me.

He held me in his cold embrace
as I tried to behold all that he was
but others pulled me away
before I could truly understand.
I could see the world again
but he faded away as I had.

I hoped to know if I would want him
to hold me in his arms. To leap into
them now or wait. As I departed he
winked to me as he promised to
return for me one day, to hold me
by his heart and never let go again.


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