Unconditional Love?

Still on the topic of love, especially that which we consider to be true love, it seems that the truest of loves is that which we call unconditional love, that is if such a love truly exists. To love somebody unconditionally is to love them no matter what, even if they fail at all of their endeavors, even if they reveal some kind of unsightly secret, it is to still love them. This love is often the kind of love that parents claim that they have for their children. It comes with a reassurance, even if life is hard and nothing seems to be working out the way you want it to, then there is always that love to fall back on.

It seems like something that is too good to be true, and things that sound too good to be true are usually in fact so. Such a love is unlikely to truly exist. While there are some cases where it may in fact exist, or perhaps when kept within the limits of “reason” it does exist, but when we examine the extremes, it seems to fall apart. Would a parent still love their child if that child murdered all of their siblings and then locked the parent away in a basement? Perhaps some would but I feel that the average one would not when there are already many of whom that do not support their children if they become murderers of strangers, let alone other family.

There are some families of murderers that say that they too feel as if they lost a family member just as the families of the victims. They often have no idea that a member of their family was harboring thoughts of murder and feel that something about the murderer must have changed, or that they were not acting like themselves. Indeed, perhaps a parent would say that they do love their child no matter because if said child would never do such a thing were to murder their siblings, they would not themselves.

But committing such an extreme act is not the only way in which a person can act in a way that is not how they are known by their parent to  act. There are plenty of times when a person will have acted heterosexual their entire life and at some point realized that they were homosexual and came out of the closet. While that is becoming more accepted as time goes on, there were plenty, who were once assured that they would be loved no matter what, rejected by their parents.

When the promise to love you unconditionally is made, it really comes with the condition that you remain the same as you are now, or do not deviate too heavily from who you are. It is also very possible that a person just breaks, their promise. The person who did promise to love you could themselves change in such a way that they are no longer themselves. These two conditions, either you change or they change, seem to be the same conditions that can bring regular love to an end as I discussed previously.

People cannot always control how it is they change. Tastes change, preferences change. circumstances change. How can one ever be certain that the ones that love them no matter what will really still love them if they change for the worse?


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