Happy Halloween

All beware for now approaches the darkest night
when even the moon hides away and the stars shed no light.
Not even the dead are safe laying their graves,
corrupted by darkness, it is flesh they are made to crave,
as rotted and bony ghouls or as skinless specters
they all seek out blood, that precious life nectar.
The earth rumbles and tombstones tremble and shake
out of crypts old skeletons and starved spiders break.
Deafening shrieks and ghastly wails fill the sky,
scream of living and dead giving out a final death cry.
Rapid fluttering of bat wings leading to frantic gales
they fly off with farm animals, grabbing their tails.
The frosted air cuts and chills and forces out a shiver
causing muscles to ache and bodies to whither.
Ravens caw endlessly and hungry wolves howl,
children may be preyed upon by a mutant night owl,
strange eyes watch from the shadows with maddening stares,
and candles in jack-o-lanterns blaze and roar in flares,
Witches cackle as organs and blood out of their pots spew
as the hunt for the innocent to boil into their wicked brew
Men turn into all manner of monsters and beasts
and turn on their neighbors to make them their feasts.

Are none safe? Can any survive? Why did the moon retreat?
Curse the darkness all you will, but be not salty nor sour but sweet
I tell you now that candy, sweet candy can save us
dressing up as our haunts and being most joyous
Though death and darkness lurks around every corner,
so long as we are happy on Halloween we need no coroner.


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