The Belli Kingdoms (Children’s Story)

Once upon a time there was a little kingdom ruled over by a little princess. The kingdom was right in the middle of two bigger kingdom’s one ruled by her mother the queen and the other ruled by her father the king. All of the kingdoms were known as the Belli Kingdoms. In order to work right, the kingdoms needed to invite in some workers, known as the Fudes, each and every day. There were all kinds of workers that could be invited, and most of them were parts of bigger groups. There were the Meatys which were full of all sorts of pro teams and they were strong and muscular and helped the kingdoms grow big armies. There were the Veggys who were big and sturdy and made sure the kingdom was healthy. There were the Breds who held a lot of power but let it out nice and slowly to make sure the kingdom would be active and full of energy all day.

There were a few other groups too, but the most troublesome for our story today are known as the Sweetsensnacks or the SNS as we will call them. Of all the Fudes, they were the ones most jam-packed full of energy and they let it all out fast and loose in one big party right away. They are great for a special occasion, but…

Anyways, The king, the queen, and the princess all let in their Fudes together everyday, once it the morning, once around noon, once in the evening, and one final time before bed. By the order of the king and queen, SNS were only to be allowed in at this final time in the night and for a long while the princess followed their orders and did as they did. Then one day she decided that she was old enough to live by her own rules. It was her Belli after all, what right did her parents have to tell her what could go inside? She told her parents to stop giving her advice and that she would decide by herself what could enter.

Of course, now that she was given free reign, the first thing that she invited in we Sweetsensnacks. And then some more. And then some more. Morning day and night, the little princess invited in more SNS. It was a nonstop party, Kandies and Treets dancing everywhere, Chiips and Sopop running wild…

Well it was not exactly a nonstop party. It seemed like it was for a little bit, but then it started to die down. Very quickly. Without the Bred, the kingdom ran out of energy very fast. Without the Veggies, the walls all began to start to break down. Without the Meaties, it did not have enough strength. Indeed, all of the Belli began to ache and the princess felt sick. It ached and quaked and nobody wanted to party ever again, though perhaps just not anytime soon.

The king and the queen shrugged and got some Medimins for the princess’s Belli. She learned the importance of letting in a good variety of Fudes and she would never question her parent’s wisdom again… until the next time that is.


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