Election Day

With an event as talked about as the election going on today, it is hard for me to think of anything else and since I did not bother with expressing myself with a vote I suppose I will express myself here.

I have studied quite a bit of politics and from what I have learned from a couple years of majoring in political science in university is that it is something that one should have as little to do with as possible. I am reminded of one particular quote by Oscar Wilde:

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

Politics is in many ways the same.

Personally I have leaning towards libertarianism and populism. I believe that the government should be involved with as few aspects of life as it possibly can be and I believe that the practice of politics is not something that should be in the hands of elites and career politicians. That is one thing that I am potentially excited about as much of a disaster as this election is; if Clinton does lose it comes as a screw you to professional politicians as a political outsider wins, though with how intertwined our corporations and businesses are with government, Trump most likely probably has enough experience that “outsider” is not a term that fits him very accurately.

One of the things that I have seen that has annoyed me the most of this election is people comparing being a professional in the field of politics to being a professional in other fields. I have seen one example of people saying they would vote for Clinton as if one were getting surgery they would go to a surgeon with a medical degree even if they had a bad history rather than the owner of their local McDonalds with a business degree.

But politics and the political art in general do not work the same as other arts. The art of politics is the art of the everyday life. We all feel the effects of it and it is much more about opinions rather than some sort of objective truth.When it comes to making a decision in the art of architecture, a professional architect would be able to say what things can be done to make the structure sturdy and would give a better opinion than the shoe shiner in that regard. Even so, he does not have a better say than the shoe shiner as to whether the town should have a new opera house or a new library. Lawmaking is the same. A professional would know how to word a law and how to enforce it, but there is the much more important question of what should it be about that everybody should have an equal say in.

The job of a politician is to be a professional at making decisions and the decisions that they make are supposed to represent the interests of the people. I have seen so many times where politicians make excuses about why they have not made decisions or policies about climate change because “they are no scientist.” Indeed, a politician is not a professional of science. They are not a professional of economics either. Nor are they generals that are professionals of war. It is still their job to make decisions on such matters.

Getting back to matters more about the election at hand, the popular opinion seems to be that both candidates are bad and it is about making a choice of the lesser of two evils.Well there are other candidates too if people cared, but they do not. If people do not see that there is a clear issue in our political system when it comes to a choice between two evils, then they are deliberating being idiots. My vote this election is for a voting system closer to the one used by Australia so people can tier their votes so they are less afraid to vote for third parties and feel as though they are wasting their vote. It is absurd, but I swear that if the Democrat candidate was Satan and the Republican was Cthulu (which in a figurative sense this election is quite accurate) people would still not vote for a third party.


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