Favorite Color

What is my favorite color? Seriously, what is my favorite color? This is not some kind of riddle or joke, I legitimately do not know what my favorite color is and I am in need of some guidance. Though I suppose I am more so writing this to ask myself rather than ask you, but you can chime in too if you want. Indeed, most of my writing is for myself, for making sense of my own ideas, developing my own thoughts. I could just never share them, write and then not post, but there is something about posting them that makes them feel more real, like I must work harder or defend myself better or something.

Anyways, one of the things that I always tend to get caught up on is the question of my favorite color. Others seem to be able to answer it so easily while I found myself to be much more like that one night from Monty Python and the Holy Grail who is asked by the wizard guarding the bridge “blue… wait no yelloooooooow!” as he is flung off the cliff to his death for answering incorrectly.

When I am asked the question, quite a few colors come to mind. Red, blue, turquoise, purple, black; of course some people will say that black is a shade and not a color or some nonsense like that, not that it really makes any difference in this context. I cannot think of a least favorite color either for that matter, I just know that I tend to not like colors like brown, yellow, or light green. While I do not feel that having a least favorite color is important, I do feel that having a favorite color is important and it should not just be a vague spectrum.

The question seems to me to be something along the lines of “how then shall I proceed” with regards to figuring out my favorite color. I have tried many things such as going through all different values on the color pallet if photoshop, visiting a Home Depot and looking at all of their paint colors, and looking at all the colors of an ungodly huge box of crayolas. I must say that wisteria does stand out quite a bit to me, though a lot of that is because of its name and not necessarily its hue.

That got me thinking as well, by what qualities can I really decide that something is my favorite color. It seems that it would be best to judge by hue alone, but it is clear that we cannot only think of a color by its hue. It is impossible to thing of red without thinking of something red, even if that something is just a blank wall or the like. Every color comes with certain objects that we associate with that color and every object can evoke certain feelings that we associate with them. Beyond that there are sayings like true blue, green with envy, etc, that make this endeavor of deciding upon a favorite one just by how it looks all the more complex.

I suppose I will try to figure things out with some poetry if I can…


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