Reflection of Color Poems

Well I have made quatrains of most of the important colors, I am missing plenty of “colors in between” such as indigo and turquoise. I have never been fond of considering indigo as its own legitimate color despite the fact that it is always included as one of the seven colors of the rainbow. I only have ever seen it as a purplish shade of blue and I do not believe that it holds any meaning in itself outside of being a darker sort of midnight blue. Turquoise, likewise, I feel falls between green and blue and any meaning in it comes from being a mix of those two colors. Bronze is a shiny orange-brown, silver is between white and gray, and gold is just a glorified yellow.

The poems themselves are decent in my opinion, some more successful than others; I have always loved color imagery and a small focused bit on them I find inherently appealing. The more important bit for me personally was thinking of what came to mind when I thought of the colors and thinking of what traditionally the colors tended to stand for, as the whole reason I began this exercise in the first place was to generate a greater sense of self-knowledge and help discern which color was my favorite color. Well for determining which color was my favorite, I still have no idea, but I was successful in linking the imagery and ideas about the colors I like to them, so I better understand why I like the colors that I like and what I like about them.

Perhaps working on longer poems for the colors in the future will help further, and perhaps I will in the future make poems of the “colors in between” that I feel are less important, but I am done with the exercise for the time being. What I really need to get myself to work on is longer pieces like more short stories. I have been trying to motivate myself to get some progress done on them for some time now, but I have barely been able to get myself to do even the short little color poems. Also I am about to go on a trip to LA so I am unlikely to get much work done. Such is life.


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