Death of a Bunny: Background

The duration of an event does not necessarily determine its impact. The actual scale of the event does not matter as well as even small events can be dwelled on. Thought can expand seconds of material into hours of content due to analyzation, imagination, and repetition.

One such event that has happened recently in my life and wedged itself deep into the creases of my brain was the death of a small bunny rabbit that I knew for less than half of a day. The timing of this happened at a rather oddly convenient time for such a thing to happen. It was just a few months ago in autumn and it was the week after that I had just come into possession of my own pet rabbit, which was something I was planning on getting since the end of that summer. I have my theories about such “convenient” timings, but that explaining that is probably better left for its own personal philosophy rant rather than here.

What is important about the timing is that at that point I was excited and prepared to take care of a rabbit with proper food and shelter prepared. My own pet rabbit at the time was also a bit of a disappointment. He has since grown on me and in many ways is similar to myself. Back then, I had originally been seeking a rabbit as a bit of a therapy pet, and the rabbit I found seemed as though he would be perfect.

I had met with the breeder at a local town fair and the rabbit was adorable and very passive, gentle to the touch and giving no resistance to being held. It was already a year old by the time I met it, so it was already litter box trained and well behaved. Rabbits being the weak though agile prey species that they are, are generally much less comfortable in a new environment so crowded with people than regular livestock or pets that descend from predators such as cats and dogs would be. Even so, this rabbit kept its cool and was quite friendly. I decided to name it the Destroyer of Worlds (or “Dow(y)” for short) as that seemed like a wonderful name for a rabbit.

My little sister and I took the rabbit home with high hopes of it being a friendly and warm pet much like the physically and mentally disabled rabbit a friend of our mother owned; it loved attention and being snuggled but it did of the handicap of not being able to move by itself very well due to its legs protruding wildly and it on more than one occasion bit my nipple probably in an attempt to breastfeed. Our rabbit was not so kind once it was home. It ran from us and fought with tooth and claw to being touched. We were patient with it as it was just introduced to a new environment, so it was expected to take some time for it to calm down and become comfortable once more, but as the days of the week dragged and while it did stop using teeth, it still fought to be interacted with in any way that did not involve feeding it snacks, and even then it was very distant and reluctant. Our patience with the rabbit was running a bit thin and we considered perhaps returning it and exchanging it for another one, perhaps a newborn bunny that would be raised comfortable with us.


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