Against Sins

Along with the songs of sins, I wrote some quick “against sins” poems that were meant to sort of be responses. Unlike the songs, they do not feel as though they could stand on their own and I did not want to include them in the same posts as the songs, so here they all are. The songs were intended as the sins speaking to try to tempt people into them, and these are trying to dissuade people. The persuasions are mostly moderate in nature as I tend to view the seven deadly sins as excesses.

Against Wrath

While there is a time for righteous indignation
there is a virtue in well-placed patience,
It is better to balance your passion
than to let tempers and blood freely run.

Against Gluttony

There is no fulfillment in gluttony,
stomachs will be full with souls still empty.
Giving into your cravings just feeds the fire,
always making yourself hungry for more.

Against Sloth

Sloth robs men of their will to live,
and his inaction has nothing to give.
Do not cast away your potential,
resist the stagnant void’s pull.

Against Envy

Wealth and joy are not always zero-sum,
happiness can be shared with everyone.
Focus on achieving your own success
instead of just sneering at the goods of the rest.

Against Pride

While great deeds and men should be exalted,
the light of pride blinds us from our own fault.
Love yourself but respect the world as well,
be charming but not charmed by your own spell.

Against Greed

Life’s best goods are not physical
and joy is best when shared with all.
It is not wrong to pursue wealth,
but it is to hoard too much for yourself.

Against Lust

It is not worthwhile to become a beast
just for but a few moments of release.
Love and true pleasure are complicated
and go far beyond the acts done in bed.






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