Dying Dog

My dog is on his last legs
every day may be his end.
His legs splay out and he
wobbles and falls when he walks.
He can no longer use the stairs,
he sits before the steps
whimpering to be carried up or down.
My dog is soon to go
and his life fades more each day.
He no longer steals my socks
or play fetch with his ball;
he can hardly chew his food,
does not ask to be let out
and pees indoors with no control.
My dog will be dead soon
and I can only watch.
His eyes are glazed
and he cannot hear his name.
Sometimes he lays motionless
eyes open but asleep,
I need to nudge him awake
to be certain he is still there.
Sometimes I hope he is
so I can pet him a little more
but often I hope he is not
so he can finally rest in peace.


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