What Is Normal?

The idea of normal seems like it is something that cannot truly exist in a meaningful sense, and yet it does. It is something that is entirely relative to the individual, but also relative to a group, and also seemingly absolute at times as well. Averages make up what is normal, but normal is not an average. Similarly, outliers are what create the abnormal, but an outlier itself is not necessarily abnormal. When one is rolling a 6 sided die, the average expected outcome is 3.5, a number which would be very abnormal to actually roll seeing as no such number is represented on the die, but it generally means one should expect to get a 3 or a 4. That does not make a 3 or a 4 more normal. There is a ⅔ chance to roll a 4 or lower, but that does not make the result of a 6 something that one considers abnormal. Even when one is rolling a 100 sided die, the outcome of a 99 is not really something that is not normal even though it could be considered to be abnormally high. In fact, the individual roll of a 99 is no less likely than the individual roll of a 50 assuming that all sides of the die are equally likely to be roll, which is the case for most dice.

When it comes to humans, what is normal for a human is not something that is as cleanly represented as for dice. For some, being normal is something they find desirable and will try, and often fail, to attain. For others it is a thing that they see as “overrated” and they will try to rebel against, and I would say that in their rebellion they also fail. It is not really normal to be normal, so trying to not be normal is a pretty normal thing to do.

But the question of “What is normal?” still has not really been addressed. It seems like a normal person likes Harry Potter. Most people that you find would have enjoyed at least some aspect of the series. Even so, there are those that like the series to a much higher degree than average to the point of knowing far more trivia and doing things like dressing up as the characters, which seems a bit abnormal, but given that there are quite a few people who are so into the series, the obsession is not really that abnormal. Even if there was somebody who was obsessed with another more obscure series, given that such an obsession can be seen occurring in other fandoms, it really does not become that abnormal. There are also people that do not like Harry Potter, some more or less just because it is popular and they dislike things on account of being too mainstream whether they admit it or not, and some simply find the series unenjoyable, I have read some very legitimate critiques of the writing style of the books, and the pacing of the first two movies is certainly not something to write home about. Personally I preferred the first few movies where magic was slow and required the proper spell words and the flick and swish and I hated it later when they could just shoot out magic willy nilly and death eaters hopped around at will everywhere and what not, but anyways, not liking the series is really not that abnormal at all.
I seem to have lost my train of though. I’ll get back to this  eventually.


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