Out of Control

These past few nights I have had strange nightmares.
I am driving through a highway labyrinth,
the roads twisting, criss-crossed, folded over,
some are ramps straight upwards to the sky
that become lost in the clouds while others
fall off the planet into a white void.
My car is alone in this maddening maze.
There are no road signs or markers
to lead me down the winding paths.
I had lightly pressed by foot against the pedal
but it fell down all the way to the floor
and went from zero to one hundred in a moment;
the brakes were broken and did nothing
as I desperately slammed against them,
the gas was stuck down where I nudged it
refusing to come back towards me,
I was going out of control with no way to slow down.
Speeding around everywhere and nowhere,
my hands on the wheel steering for my life
skidding through turn after meaningless turn
just trying to not crash and keep going
thinking “I must drive, I am the driver.
This is my life. I am the driver.”


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