The Sun and The Stars

Are the stars jealous of the sun?
So many of them are larger
and burn so much brighter,
but they are farther away
so they appear smaller
from our perspective.

They disappear during the day
not because they stop trying;
the stars never stop shining
but to us the sun shines too bright;
as if covering them in its shadow,
it buries them in its light.

The stars can only be seen
when the sun leaves for the night.
We can then view their beauty;
the expanse of celestial bodies
all glowing alone in the dark
each with their own spark.

There are so many lights for us to see
always shining even out of our sight.
They cannot be hidden from us forever.
How many wonders would we miss
if we only gazed upon the sun?
Is the sun jealous of the stars?


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