The Fool and The Dark

There was a man who feared the dark
as many of us do.
One night he found it upon him
when the moon and stars left.
The man wept praying for the sun
but morning never came.
Desperately he lit up a torch
waving it at the shadows;
but the light was just a grain of sand
and the blackness was the sea.
He needed to feed the fire
so that it may burn brighter.
He took off all of his clothes
and wrapped them around the flame.
Still the darkness was everywhere
and the torch burned away;
before long it charred down to his hand
yet he refused to drop it.
Instead he gripped ever tighter
so afraid that it might go out.
The fire consumed the wood
leaving only ash in his palm
though it continued to burn
using his flesh as its fuel.
The man did not try once to to put it out
he was so frightend by the dark,
and so it spread up his arm
then to his chest chest and heart.
His whole body became the torch
and he glowed for a few minutes.
Then when the fire faded at last
he slumped down to the ground.
His body became so blackened
he could not be seen in the night.


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