Burnt Out

As of last night, three of the four light bulbs in my room have now burned out. Two of them had been out for a while now, long enough that I had completely forgotten about them dying, if I had even noticed it at all. The third one decided to go out with flare. I had just flicked on the switch and it lit up with a magnificent bright flash before finally fading into the dark at last.

My room is in the basement and has no windows, so now one of the only sources of light is the one bulb left over my computer in the corner. This happens to be both the least and the most useful position. On one hand, I have a duel monitor setup and the screens are bright enough to light up most of the area. On the other hand, the section of the room it brightens is the most used one as I spend majority of the day at my computer and my computer desk is where I tend to place, then quickly lose track of, some of my most important belongings. I tend to prefer the room dark so I leave the lights off, but about twice a day I need to get up, flick the switch, and locate my phone on the left side of the desk or under my main monitor where it always is.

The last light in my room is something of a spotlight in the otherwise black room, positioned directly over my red leather office chair. Here, under the spotlight, I type using only my index fingers, hunch forward in horrible posture that brings my face so close to the screen I need to squint, and write down words that only a few people may ever read.



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