This is my second attempt at making a little webcomic, and the artwork came out just as poorly as the last time, but this time it seems more fitting given the much more childish subject matter. The joke is a bit overstated in the comic itself through dialogue because I am not sure how many people are actually aware of the fact that manga panels and dialogue bubbles are read from right to left. The more western character said it first if it is read left to right like a normal comic, but the “weeb” is said it first if one reads right to left. The little cave painting man at the bottom was just a little touch to reference a more obscure joke and to better define the fact that these characters are defined by their art styles, stickman, western webcomic, weeaboo artwork (not actual anime/manga mind you), and cave painting.

This comic was also a little inspired by an almost as cheesy video released by Blizzard for their Hearthstone game which can be viewed here:


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