A bumblebee floats through a field of flowers,
his sword with no sheath on his back.
He is always ready to fight for his hive
but knows when he does he will surely die.
The moment his blade first draws blood,
it will be drawn from himself too;
but still he is always willing to fight,
a knight puts his country before his life.


When I am cold
I want to be lit on fire
when I am hot
I want to bathe in ice.

When I am hungry
I wish to eat the whole world
but when I am full
I never want to see any food again.

I can never fall asleep
whenever I go to bed,
but when it is time to wake up
I want to go to sleep again.

My heart is filled with longing
whenever we are apart,
but when we are together
I just want to be alone.


There was a knight in shining steel
who fell in love with one who was like a diamond.
He asked her, “will you allow me to protect you?”

She said, “Just because I am beautiful
does not mean that I am also fragile.
I know I am stronger than you.”

But that was something he already knew
and so he asked again,
“Please, let me protect you.”